Custom Desktops and PCs

Advanced technology, server and application virtualization, and high performance computing are necessities to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. However, not all CPUs and server architectures are created equal. Different workloads and applications have different performance characteristics and therefore may demand different computing resources.

At Coastline Micro, we specialize in assisting customers with the best computing solutions for their needs. Our engineers and specialists will work to understand your requirements and identify the best platform or platforms for your business. Our partnerships with multiple compute platform manufacturers allows our teams to select the platform or platforms that are sized appropriately and best meet your requirements and budget.

Custom Servers

Custom servers built for maximum computing power and long-term data retention. For over 20 years, Coastline Micro has excelled at building custom quality, reliable systems for businesses at a competitive price. Whether you are upgrading your business's current infrastructure or starting fresh with a new application, it is important to work with an expert on choosing the right system and components for a long-life platform.

Intel Xeon Processors

Businesses overflow with information—some which can enable data-driven decisions and create opportunity. We are here to help you manage today’s critical workloads—and set you up for the future. Your digital transformation starts now.

Every business needs to drive IT efficiency and gain competitive advantage. The faster, deeper insights you need start with smart data strategies. Keep up with growing capacity and performance requirements. Whether you’re running cloud, big data analytics, or other mission-critical workloads, Intel® Xeon products and technologies are built to deliver exceptional performance in the data center. See how these powerful, flexible technologies can serve you.