Features & Benefits

Feature/Function Benefits


  • SAS 12Gb/s interface
  • MLC NAND flash memory
  • 2100 / 2050 MB/s sequential R/W
  • 400K / 200K IOPS random R/W
  • 285K IOPS on 70/30 mixed R/W


  • 12G Active-Active Dual port & 12G single/dual port for enhanced reliability
  • Highest read/write performance at 14W operating power
  • Maximum throughput and IOPs for ultra-fast access to data. Double write performance of other 12Gb/s SAS SSD


  • 9, 11 & 14 Watt options



  • Higher IOPS performance with higher power options


  • 7.68TB to 400GB



  • More capacity in standard form factor with lower Watts/TB


  • 0.35% AFR (2.5M hours MTBF)
  • 1E-17 bit error rate
  • Power loss data management
  • Unlimited reads, up to 59 PB writes
  • T10 end-to-end data protection
  • Exclusive-OR (XOR) NAND


  • Reduced field replacement effort
  • Enhanced error detection and correction for optimal data integrity
  • Assures data integrity during power failure
  • Support for extreme write-intensive applications
  • Protection against flash die failure


  • Crypto Sanitize models
  • TCG encryption models
  • TCG + FIPS encryption models


  • Enables swift drive redeployment and retirement
  • Hardware-based encryption protects data from unauthorized use


  • HDD architecture commonality
  • Extensive systems integration and test lab


  • Compatibility with Ultrastar SAS HDD
  • Experienced interoperability and compliance testing

Increase Productivity

As data centers and enterprises struggle to manage the growing abundance and availability of data, the next generation of SAS SSDs with enhanced performance and endurance arrives to help address data access challenges. The Ultrastar® SS300 solid-state drive (SSD) is offered in a 2.5-inch small form factor that delivers ultra-high performance to power through the most challenging workloads.

Data Durability

Ultrastar SS300 combines enterprise-grade 3D MLC or TLC NAND flash memory, advanced endurance management firmware and power loss data management techniques to extend reliability, endurance, and sustained performance over the life of the SSD. The Ultrastar SS300 family achieves an extraordinary 0.35% annual failure rate (AFR) or 2.5 million hours mean-time between-failure (MTBF).

Cost Performance

The HGST brand leverages decades of proven enterprise storage expertise in Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) design, reliability, firmware and system integration to the Ultrastar SS300 family. The synergistic relationship between the new throughput-enhancing SSDs and traditional HDDs provides cost effective, end-to-end enterprise-class storage options, delivering capacity, cost and system performance.