Open Converged Storage

Server virtualization has permanently altered the IT landscape by making workloads portable, enabling better utilization of resources, and reducing TCO. But challenges remain, particularly in delivering the right performance to all VMs. Contention between workloads impacts performance, leading IT to depend on expensive over-provisioning or array-based flash.

JBOD Storage

Companies are changing the way they access and employ data. With object storage, businesses can keep content easily accessible and extract ongoing value, simplify high-performance computing workload and manage unpredictable growth, all with a superb end-user experience. Our industry-leading object storage solutions give you massively scalable storage to tackle increases in volume of data.

VM-Aware Storage

There’s a disconnect in your data center. You’ve virtualized your applications and your teams are thinking and working in virtual machines, but your storage hasn’t materially changed in decades—it still uses the same constructs (LUNs, volumes, RAID, striping) that were introduced for physical workloads. And that disconnect between virtualized applications and physical storage is costing your business time and money.

You might be exploring (or deploying) new storage technologies to address the pain, but it doesn’t matter if those products are all-flash or hyperconverged—if they’re not VM-aware they’re not going to solve the root cause. Only VM-aware storage (VAS) is specifically built for virtualized applications, stripping out the complexity of LUNs and volumes so you can manage only the VMs that matter. When you can take every storage action (replicate, clone, analyze, etc.) on individual virtual machines, you save time, money and sanity.

Unified Storage

With a unique convergence of hardware, software, and storage expertise, we bring you award-winning hybrid and all-flash storage arrays offering enterprise reliability and performance at a value unheard of in storage. Unify your business-critical applications with a storage array that fits the performance and capacity requirements of your application. Unify your block and file storage, allowing you to grow to nearly 5PB in a rack with our hybrid and all-flash configurations.