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A perfectly executed IT project is an achievement that stimulates further growth. Regardless of company and data center size, you will be able to see these projects not only as a challenge, but primarily as an opportunity for rapid evolution.

Enjoy lower costs, greater security, higher availability and increased data management efficiency with Open-E Storage solutions.

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Software for Cloud Storage

Open-E Data Storage Software V7 is being increasingly used as the go-to software for cloud storage. This is one of the many purposes our software can be used for, but since the market for this particular kind of technology is so interesting, let us take a closer look.

Cloud storage is an easy way to gain storage capacity without investing large sums of money on building and maintaining storage facilities. The data center is not physically situated on the premises of the company, but storage capacity is available to them virtually, via web applications, in the same way as if the servers were in their building.

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