Windows Storage Server 2012

Microsoft’s Windows Storage Server 2012 capabilities are designed to provide enhanced reliability, availability, and  performance at every layer of the Microsoft storage stack.

They allow IT pros to combine features to build  powerful new storage solutions, such as the ability to deliver feature-rich high performance storage functionality and performance without sacrificing budget.

From improved compatibility with the latest  storage technologies to forward-thinking innovations that make complex storage infrastructures as easy  to manage.


Windows Storage Solutions



zFORCE Storage

Coastline Micro offers a highly scalable and powerful unified line of zFORCE storage solutions that provides unparalleled performance, scalability and data integrity.

Multi-Level Data Protection Unique Management Capability Storage without limits Uses:

  • Backup
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud
  • Open Storage


zFORCE Storage Solutions






Open-E DSS V7

Open E

Open-E Storage

 A perfectly executed IT project is an achievement that stimulates further growth. At Open-E we understand this and that is why our Data Storage Software has been created. Regardless of company and data center size, you will be able to see these projects not only as a challenge, but primarily as an opportunity for rapid evolution.

For all those who strive to be even faster and more efficient, we have prepared useful case studies illustrating the possibilities of Data Storage Software, instructions for setting up hardware and software and descriptions about agile connections of DSS V6 with applications you are using.

  • Enjoy lower costs
  • Greater security
  • Higher availability
  • Increased data management efficiency


Open-E Storage Solutions