Solutions and Benefits

  • Reduce storage costs by 50%
  • Provides the rich ecosystem integration critical to agile cloud deployments
  • Eliminates costly platform dependent software
  • Block and File services scaling from 10’s to TB to PBs
  • New hardware support (12Gbps SAS, Intel Haswell, 16Gps FC, etc.)
  • Built-In comprehensive suite of data management functionality
  • Maximizes utilization of existing storage resources

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Storage Without Limits

No storage Limits

  • Unlimited File Size
  • Unlimited Snapshots and Clones with Fully Integrated Search

Highly Scalable Capacity and Performance

  • Benchmarked at over 2,500 MB sec – 3x the largest NTAP Available

Native Support for SSD Technology

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Multi-Level Data Protection

Heterogeneous Block and File Replication

  • Allows Easy DR Configurations
  • Synchronous or Asynchronous

End-to-End Data Integrity Through ZFS File System

  • No Silent Data Corruption

Supports Full Active/Active HA Configuration

  • No Single Point of Failure

Internal RAID-Z and Spares

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Unique Management Capabilities

  • InBand Compression
  • Dedupe
  • Non-Disruptive Volume Grow/Shrink
  • Thin Provisioning

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