Tintri VMstore was designed from the ground up for virtual machines and cloud workloads, and purpose-built to take full advantage of flash storage. What does this mean for you, compared to traditional storage arrays?

  • Deploy and connect to your Hypervisor in less than 10 minutes
  • Obtain the same storage capacity and better performance with less space and lower power requirements
  • Achieve up to 98% reduction in annual storage management costs

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Unbox the Industry’s First All-Flash Storage Powered by

VM-Aware Architecture


Tintri VMstore T5000 All-Flash | www.coastlinemicro.com/solutions/tintri-storage/

Now the Tintri VMstore T5000 All-Flash series offers you an unmatched combination of high performance and visibility with low latency for your most demanding applications.

Tintri VMstore™ T5000 All-Flash Series Data Sheet I www.coastlinemicro.com/solutions/tintri-storage/

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Tintri Storage Solutions | www.coastlinemicro.com/solutions/tintri-storage/ 

Tintri VMStore


Tintri VMStore™


Tintri Global Center™

Tintri Global Center is a single pane of glass from which you can manage up to 32 VMstore systems. That is up to 3.2 PB of capacity and 4.5 million IOPS, with room for more than 100,000 VMs.

  • Manage your geographically dispersed VMs from a central location
  • Monitor multiple VMstore systems as a single cluster without the complexity (or cost) of clustering technology
  • Surface alerts and key metrics—highlighting rapidly changing VMs, latency, performance and more—for individual VMstores and in aggregate

PDF Datasheet: Global Center™


When you add ReplicateVM to your VMstore footprint, you light up new capabilities.

  • Select and protect VMs using one-to-one, bi-directional and many-to-one topologies
  • Host VMs in a data center while providing data protection and disaster recovery for VMs in remote VMstore systems
  • Set replication policy right down to the individual VM level for Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) as low as 15 minutes for critical applications

PDF Datasheet: ReplicateVM™


Zero capacity and performance penalty. For many providers, encryption sops up space and saps performance. With Tintri, there is no negative impact

  • Built-in key rotation. SecureVM is part of the Tintri dashboard, and changing keys takes a single click
  • Dead simple configuration. As with all aspects of the Tintri user experience, we’ve ensured that SecureVM is delightfully easy to use

PDF Datasheet: SecureVM™

Intelligent Performance and Scalability

  • Delivers 99% of IO from flash for hundreds of VMs on a single appliance
  • Efficient flash use with inline de-duplication and compression, and working-set analysis
  • Scalable storage for thousands of VMs

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Radically Simplified VM-level Management

Radically Simplified VM-level Management

  • Diagnoses VM performance issues instantly with bottleneck visualization
  • Performance isolation and QoS at the VM and vDisk level
  • Simplified management with advanced per-VM snapshots and clones

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Simple, Flexible and High performance per-VM Replication

Simple, Flexible and High performance per-VM Replication

  • Protect and restore individual VMs with RPOs as low as 15 minutes
  • Dedupe and compression reduces WAN utilization by up to 95 percent
  • Efficiently create remote clones on demand

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South Eastern Trust (Video):
It Just Can’t Be This Easy

Scalability, Simplicity, and Management
-- Darren Henderson, ICT Manager, SE Trust

Improve Your Private Cloud and Virtualised Environments With Smart Application Aware Storage

Speaker: Peter Eriksson/Tintri