HGST 4U60G2 Storage Platform

When data centers need storage expansion that delivers low power and high capacity with high-availability, they rely on the HGST 4U60G2 Storage Platform. This high density, scalable, and cost-effective design includes up to 60 Ultrastar® 3.5-inch drive modules in a 4U enclosure, supports up to 8 hosts with SAS 12Gb/s performance, and delivers enterprise-class serviceability with hot-swappable components.

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HGST 2U24 Flash Storage Platform

The 2U24 Flash Storage Platform is a key element of next generation software-defined storage (SDS) systems. The Platform balances performance with capacity, delivering high IOPS, low latency at up to 184TB capacity. It also offers flexibility to improve compute-to-capacity ratio by decoupling available storage from CPU resources.

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