A Smarter
Digital World

Smart video is seeing growing adoption as it enables humans to leverage technology to quickly make critical decisions. With the growth of security camera shipments, the need for higher resolution, and the adoption of AI and deep learning, how will storage technology keep up?

Surveillance is More Than Just Seeing
It’s Looking Ahead

With increased demands placed on safety and security globally, coupled with new IP and 360-degree camera technologies, video surveillance is expected to grow steadily. But it isn’t just about security any longer. Smart video is also about extracting value and intelligence from the content captured. This could include gaining insights into retail shopper behaviors, managing traffic congestion, or providing more efficient operations and yields.

$62.62B by 2023

What has changed in video surveillance is not how data is captured, but how it’s used to drive actions, not only to support fast data applications that analyze collected data now, but big data applications ready to analyze data in the future. It’s no longer about just storing data, but what we can do with it once captured, that is fueling a new generation of smart video.

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